IC Design Engineer - Backend/physical design



We are a team of highly skilled analog/RF, mixed-signal and digital designers working closely together to solve design challenges across the traditional boundaries of digital and analog design. We advance the state-of-the art of human presence radar sensors using modern tools and flows to achieve the best possible results. We are now looking to expand our team with an experienced and talented backend/physical design engineer. 

You are a highly motivated, focused and independent individual who enjoys being challenged, learning new skills and pushing boundaries. As a team member, you are not afraid to share your knowledge and experience, and contribute with your skills and passions to the rest of the team.


·       Logic synthesis and physical implementation of digital circuits.

·       Top-level floorplanning and integration.

·       Static timing analysis on digital, custom digital and mixed-signal design modules.

·       Layout and physical verification of custom digital and mixed-signal modules. 


·       PhD/MS in Electrical Engineering or equivalent. Strong relevant experience may compensate for lack of formal qualifications.

·       Strong oral and written communications skills.

·       Experience with one or more of the following:

·       Relevant design tools such as Genus, Innovus and Virtuoso.

·       Physical verification tools such as Calibre, Cadence PVS and QRC.

·       Relevant scripting languages such as Python, Tcl and Skill.

·       Low power implementation flows.

·       Physical verification.

·       Design For Testability and Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG).

·       Installation and customization of process design kits.

·       Excellent technical competence and proven track record for high quality and on-time production delivery.


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