User Detection

Consumer electronics user detection in a single sensor


Why User Detection?

User Experience

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Auto-lock in seconds

Battery life

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Why Novelda Presence Sensor?

Extreme precision

Low power

No impact on product design


Why user detection?

Whatever kind of consumer electronics devices you use, whether they’re for work or leisure, they just have to be easy and enjoyable to use. If they cause you any stress or waste you any time, if the user experience isn’t quite what it could be, then they’re sure to disappoint.

And that’s where user detection comes in. Here’s a very simple illustration: If a device was able to sense the arrival of its defined user, it could instantly switch on. When the user walked away, it could automatically switch off. The user saves time, the device conserves energy. 

In short, user detection creates richer, more enjoyable user experiences. User satisfaction, well-being and productivity becomes an even greater driver of consumer electronics design.


What is user detection?

User detection in consumer electronics devices has to employ sensors that are fully capable of reliably and accurately detecting human presence over a distance that matches the way in which the device is always used. The device needs to work around us, our habits and lifestyle and not the other way around.

And user detection can’t be adversely affected by the environment around us either. So there’ll be static objects to contend with, they might be reflective, matt, bright or dark. And the ambient conditions too, air movement, dust, lighting and heat. User detection will always know we’re there, irrespective of our surroundings.


How do we do user detection?

By harnessing the principle of ultra wideband impulse radar, Novelda has created a user detection solution that’s second to none. Novelda presence sensor is the world’s most accurate, intelligent and reliable human presence sensor for consumer electronics applications.

It’s a complete user detection solution for consumer electronics in a small, energy efficient package.