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NOVELDA is the world leader in UWB sensing

The most reliable human presence sensor in the world.

The groundbreaking innovation

NOVELDA provides the world’s most accurate, intelligent and reliable sensor solution for human presence detection. Our Ultra-Wideband (UWB) short-range impulse radar sensors help achieve new levels of user experience and interactivity in a variety of indoor applications, including consumer electronic devices and smart building systems. Our technology complies with worldwide UWB regulations and is protected by several patents. 

We offer The NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor® – the most reliable sensor in the world.

The beginning

NOVELDA was founded by Dag T. Wisland, Eirik Næss-Ulseth, Tor Sverre Lande and Einar Nygård in 2004. The company was initiated on board a sailboat at the Oslo Fjord, and the name of the boat: Novelda. The boat was named after the street Novelda Road in Alhambra, outside Los Angeles where co-founder Tor Sverre Lande lived when he had a sabbatical year at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1989. Inspired by both sunny and technology-superior California and a great day at sea in Oslo, what was more natural than naming the company NOVELDA as well. Since NOVELDA could give connotations to the word “NOVELTY” we believe that the name suits our innovation well.


To make life easier by creating seamless interaction between people and things.


Create Customer Value

We offer competitive products that make a difference for customers and end-users, ultimately taking pride in our customers’ success.

Show integrity in action

We are responsible, honest and proficient in everything we do, and our communication is transparent. Our colleagues and partners are treated with fairness and respect.


We apply our experience, skills, great minds and creativity to explore and innovate. Thus, we can develop ground-breaking UWB sensors that shape seamless user experiences of the future.

Great energy savings

The potential energy savings of the NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor are great. If all laptops had implemented our sensor and all hotels in the world started using it, we will save energy equaling the energy consumption of the city of Oslo in one year.

We contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals