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Welcome to the Developer page for NOVELDA UWB Occupancy and NOVELDA UWB Proximity algorithms

NOVELDA X4F103 Shield

The NOVELDA X4F103 Shield is a development platform for developers interested in the NOVELDA UWB Proximity and NOVELDA UWB Occupancy algorithms for human presence detection. The below columns guide you through a recommended workflow from testing to integration. 

Start with 1. Evaluating the NOVELDA X4F103 module with a visualization tool for sensor data. 

Secondly, try out and modify the demos located under 2. Develop. Detailed information, User- and Integration Guides, Product Descriptions, and more can be found in the Novelda Documentation.

1. Evaluate

Simple Visualization with the NOVELDA X4F103 Shield Evaluation Tool

Evaluate with a Python visualization tool for sensor data from NOVELDA UWB Proximity and NOVELDA UWB Occupancy algorithms. Open the ‘X4F103 Evaluation Tool Software’ to download the tool. The ‘X4F103 Evaluation Tool User Guide’  explains how to set it up and run it.

2. Develop

NOVELDA X4F103 Embedded Library 

Develop an application with the Embedded Library or test the nRF52 Example. Click on the ‘NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Embedded Software’ or ‘NOVELDA UWB Proximity Embedded Software’ button to download the software package. More advanced BLE demos are found on our GitHub page 

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