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NOVELDA Launches New Ultra-Wideband Occupancy Sensor That Realizes the Future of Light Control in Open Offices, Meeting Rooms and More

NOVELDA to demo new UWB Occupancy Sensor at Light + Building exhibition 2022

Light + Building exhibition 2022 and Oslo, Norway — September 22, 2022 — NOVELDA, maker of the most reliable human presence sensors available, announced today the launch of its new ultra-wideband (UWB) Occupancy Sensor. This lighting control sensor enhances energy savings and offers improved user experience, instantly turning on lights on approach and turning them off quickly when they are no longer needed. The sensor’s configurable time-out and precise detection zone marks the next evolution in building lighting automation. Time-out refers to the duration of time a light stays on after someone has left the room. The time-out of 5.8 GHz (HF) and passive infrared is typically set to more than 15 minutes. This results in wasted energy, leading to higher operational costs and poor ESG (environment, social and governance) compliance. With the NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor, you can set the time-out as low as two minutes while maintaining reliable detection, thereby enabling significant energy savings due to its groundbreaking human presence detection.

Editorial Note: NOVELDA will give a live demo of its NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor at Light + Building 2022, Frankfurt, Germany, from October 2–6. Please meet us at Hall 8.0, Booth D25 near the Frankfurt Messe entrance.

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor features reliable detection, a wide and configurable detection zone, is entirely hidden in the product and has simple-to-integrate hardware suitable for simple manufacturing. The sensor enables reliable detection inside the zone of interest and no detection outside the zone. NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor responds quickly with a presence detection latency of less than 0.25 seconds and delivers a consistent detection unaffected by the target’s approach angle. NOVELDA’s next-generation self-contained module with integrated antenna and software (measuring only 12×12 millimeters) is compliant with global UWB standards and is able to sense through plastic and glass while being invisible on the product.

NOVELDA Occupancy Sensor detects presence even when sitting still — no need to wave at the light

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor is ideal for lighting control in open offices, schools and meeting rooms. The sensor offers high detection accuracy, low interference and simple integration that outperforms competing technologies such as 5.8 GHz (HF) and passive infrared.

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor retains its robust, instant detection and prevents reduced performance due to interference from other UWB sensors, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This enables an improved user experience because there is no longer the need to wave at the ceiling lights to turn them on when working late in the office.

NOVELDA Occupancy Sensor enables energy savings — the future of light control

Due to the reliable, short time-out and low power sensor, companies will become more environmentally friendly by using the NOVELDA sensor.

“Our UWB-based occupancy sensor offers a reliable solution for detecting an occupant’s presence even if they are sitting still, with significant energy savings in building automation,” said Jan-Bjørnar Lund, CEO, NOVELDA. “Through extensive testing in real-life scenarios, our sensors offer instant detection for a variety of use cases, including open offices, meeting rooms and more. Launching this occupancy sensor is part of realizing our vision of making lives easier by creating seamless interaction between people and things. We enable the future of light control by empowering our customers with robust occupancy detection and energy savings through next-generation UWB technology.”

UWB: the next wireless revolution

Projected to be as common as Bluetooth, UWB represents the next wireless revolution and is already being used by major smart phone and automotive manufacturers. In recognition of UWB’s unique capabilities and broad range of markets, ABI Research predicts 500 million shipments of UWB by the end of 2022, with growth projections estimating 1.5 billion shipments per year in a few years. (Source: TSR UWB market report (2021), ABI Research (2021), internal assessment.) Discover UWB.

For more information and availability

Demo kits for NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor are available upon request. For more information, visit NOVELDA.

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor video.


NOVELDA provides the world’s most accurate, intelligent, and reliable sensor solution for human presence detection. Our Ultra-Wideband (UWB) short-range impulse radar sensors achieve new levels of user experience and interactivity in a variety of indoor applications including consumer electronics, smart home, building automation, health and automotive.

NOVELDA was founded in 2004 and is today recognized as the world’s leading authority on UWB short-range radar sensor design. Our technology complies with worldwide UWB regulations and is protected by several design patents. We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with regional sales offices in Silicon Valley in the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, employing a total of 85 employees. Making life easier by creating seamless interaction between people and things. NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor — the most reliable sensor in the world.

Oslo, Norway. Sept. 22, 2022.

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