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NOVELDA Introduces New Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor, Featuring <100µW Power Consumption, Making It the World's Lowest Power Radar

PRESS RELEASE: NOVELDA to demo new Ultra-Low Power Precense Sensor at Sensors Converge 2023
OSLO, Norway, June 14, 2023 / — Sensors Converge 2023
Today, NOVELDA, a leading innovator in radar technology, is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough achievement: the world’s lowest power ultra-wideband (UWB) radar sensor. Designed to operate on batteries with an astonishingly low power consumption of below 100 microwatts, this cutting-edge radar revolutionizes the industry, offering unparalleled energy efficiency and advanced target analysis capabilities. Samples of the NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor will be available to customers after the Sensors Converge Expo in Q3 2023. The final product will launch in mid-2024. NOVELDA will also demonstrate its groundbreaking NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor and NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor at Booth 709.
Editorial Note: NOVELDA will showcase the NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor at Sensors Converge 2023, Santa Clara, California, from June 20-22 in the product showcase section and at Booth 709 facing the product showcase section. Please fill out our contact form here to meet with us at the show.
The NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor features a fully configurable detection zone, allowing customers to define the detection zone and shape it to fit specific requirements. The sensor also offers a small form factor, featuring a complete sensor module with antennas and on-chip processing within 5 x 30 mm. It is worldwide compliant with a single module variant that can be used globally. The NOVELDA UWB sensor can be easily integrated behind materials such as different types of plastics, tempered glass and ceramics, and does not need special consideration to maintain performance like other radar technologies. This enables space-limited designs such as thin bezel integration.

NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor provides unmatched energy efficiency

The NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power radar system boasts an impressively low power consumption of below 100 microwatts, extending battery life and reducing the overall carbon footprint. This breakthrough achievement sets a new standard for energy-efficient radar technology while offering high performance, able to detect breathing motion at 10 meters.
The team’s tireless efforts, technical expertise and commitment to sustainability have culminated in a product that redefines energy efficiency. NOVELDA’s new radar system is set to transform the industry, providing a game-changing solution that combines exceptional energy efficiency, battery operation and advanced target analysis capabilities, demonstrating NOVELDA’s commitment to revolutionizing the radar landscape.
“By developing the world’s most energy-efficient radar system, we have addressed the growing need for sustainable and portable solutions that do not compromise performance,” said Jan-Bjørnar Lund, CEO at NOVELDA. “Our radar’s ability to provide accurate angle and distance information to multiple targets while operating with energy-efficiency opens up a wide range of applications, enabling our customers to leverage this technology for energy savings, enhanced safety and innovation. This breakthrough achievement defines a new standard for energy-efficient radar technology.”

NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor provides unrivaled accuracy

Through its robust UWB technology, NOVELDA’s new radar system provides accurate angle and distance information to multiple targets, enabling complex use cases such as people estimation and much more. The sensor features absolute range limitations and can be set to ignore passing targets, such as in a kiosk application, ensuring only intended users activate the welcome screen and that the screen enters low-power mode when unoccupied, extending LCD screen life by up to approximately 10 years all while preserving the privacy of the individual. The NOVELDA Ultra-Low Power Presence Sensor also features excellent co-existence properties and is not influenced by WiFi, other UWB devices, other radars or Bluetooth.

UWB: the next wireless revolution

Projected to be bigger than Bluetooth, UWB marks the next wireless revolution and is already used by major smartphone and automotive manufacturers. UWB sensing outperforms technologies such as Passive InfraRed or Time of Flight sensors in accuracy, user experience, cost, power consumption and security. NOVELDA’s UWB wireless sensors function efficiently without interference in the proximity of other radio frequency (RF) devices and lend contextual awareness to our surroundings, enhancing human-to-object wireless interaction. In recognition of UWB’s unique capabilities and broad range of markets, Techno System Research expects the global UWB market to reach more than 1.8 billion units by 2030.
For more information about the world’s most energy-efficient radar system and its applications, please visit or contact Rob Sharpe at


NOVELDA provides the world’s most accurate, power-efficient and reliable sensor solution for human presence detection. Our Ultra-Wideband (UWB) short-range impulse radar sensors achieve new levels of user experience and interactivity in a variety of indoor applications including consumer electronics, smart home and building automation.
NOVELDA was founded in 2004 and is today recognized as the world’s leading authority on UWB short-range radar sensor design. Our technology complies with worldwide UWB regulations and is protected by several design patents. We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with regional sales offices in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan employing a total of 85 employees. Making life easier by creating seamless interaction between people and things. NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor – the most reliable sensor in the world.
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