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Endless possibilities with NOVELDA UWB radar technology

Redefining how we interact with our devices. This is just the beginning.

Your devices will come alive

Imagine a world where your devices know that you are there, and act automatically based on your pre-set preferences and current presence. It is almost like they know your intentions.

Human presence detection is a feature that will be commonplace in many of our everyday devices in the future. The NOVELDA UWB radar technology enables proximity and presence sensing, object detection and mapping, and can be used in everything from gaming, in alarm systems, in smart speakers, and in life saving monitors. It has just started. 


NOVELDA UWB radar in smart appliances

Can know when you are around to start the coffee

NOVELDA UWB radar in health and wellness products

Can tell when you are about to become ill

NOVELDA UWB radar in augmented reality devices

Can place people and objects in 3D space