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NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor in Smart Home

Your movements activate your home

Smarten up your home

Imagine speakers that know what room you are in, lights that turn on automatically when you enter a room and turn off again when you leave. Devices that wake up and welcome you as you approach. Intuitive. Efficient. It is just the beginning of a new era of smarter and more sustainable homes.


Your devices wake up when you need them

The NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband sensor will improve the electronic devices that are part of your life. Our sensors can be used in everything that has a display, like stoves, refrigerators, alarms, lighting, heating and A/C. Even your loudspeakers will become smarter with our groundbreaking sensing innovation.


Seamless interaction

Improving security

Saving energy

Other solutions

NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor in Consumer Electronics

Seamless interaction with your devices.

NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor in Building Automation

Effective control of light and temperature.