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Vital Signs Sensor

For in-cabin sensing, child presence detection (CPD) and seat occupancy

Saving lives with the best solution
 for child presence detection

NOVELDA UWB CPD & Vital Signs Sensor is the ideal product for child presence detection (CPD) in cars. The sensor is more reliable than other UWB solutions and 60 GHz sensors.

NOVELDA – world leader in UWB sensing.

Reliable in-cabin sensing

Best CPD solution

Detects tiny motions

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Children die every year due to 
vehicular heatstroke

As many as 1,050 children have died due to vehicular heatstroke in the US since 1990 (source: The New York Times). 

Global governments aim to reduce these preventable tragedies, with the United States Hot Cars Act, Federal Communications Committee and the European New Car Assessment Programme

Prioritizing the integration of in-cabin child safety technologies requiring child presence detection (CPD) in all new cars by 2025. 

Reliable detection in the whole cabin

NOVELDA UWB CPD & Vital Signs Sensor provides reliable detection of human motion in the zone of interest.

The sensor detects the tiniest movements like breath and heartbeat and can see through all non-conductive material inside the cabin.

Covers the whole cabin

Flexible integration

Low power consumption

child detection

The sensor detects the child based on breathing and tiny motions, no matter where in the cabin, even on the floor. 

Within seconds the sensor knows that the child is left alone and will set off an alarm. 

Flexible integration

The sensor can be positioned at several places inside the cabin. For instance, in the front, back or middle of the ceiling. Easy to integrate behind material, with no visible impact of the interior design.

Low power consumption

NOVELDA UWB CPD & Vital Signs sensor is the world’s most energy efficient UWB sensor. 

Several purposes

Proven technology

One sensor for
several purposes

The same NOVELDA UWB sensor technology can be used for both CPD, seat occupancy, intrusion detection and driver vital signs monitoring. 

Proven turn-key technology

NOVELDA UWB sensing is currently being used in several applications world-wide in collaboration with major global tech companies. 

The heart of our innovation is the
X7 UWB radar system on chip

A complete and groundbreaking sensor solution for in-cabin sensing

Range-Doppler plots with different integration time at different beam angles show distance and velocity information and highlight the depth of information available for analysis and extraction.

The future of UWB sensing