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NOVELDA UWB X7 Radar Direct

Radar Evaluation Kit gives access to raw radar data

Innovate with Raw Ultra-Low
Power Radar Data

NOVELDA UWB X7 Radar Direct unleashes the full potential of the X7 module with full access to the richness of the ultra-wide band radar signal.

X7 Radar Direct sensor module

Enables X7 radar development

• Radar modules
• Interface board to PC
• Read out raw radar data from X7

X7 Radar Direct software

Application & PoC development

• C++ & Python API
• Radar configuration
• Data streaming

Radar made easy

NOVELDA UWB X7 Radar Direct enables radar development with tools adapted to your needs.

Easy to use configuration of X7 chip settings combined with raw baseband or pre-processed data unlocks advanced algorithm development tailored to your specific requirements.

Direct access to radar data

Explore the performance and the raw potential of the X7 sensor module.

Full access to radar baseband data enables advanced off-chip signal processing such as multiple people tracking, vital signs monitoring and much more.

Digital beamforming

Multiple antenna ports unlocks sophisticated capabilities, including digital beamforming and Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) techniques. These enhanced functionalities serve as a foundation for a wide array of applications, spanning from simple object detection to more intricate use cases.

X7 Radar Direct adapter board

Connect the X7 Radar Direct adapter board to your PC via USB. Enables easy access to and control of the radar for rapid sensor solutions development.

Visualization tools

Radar data plot demos to get familiar with the X7 radar data and for quick and simple testing:

Baseband data plots give a view into the raw, unfiltered radar signals, providing basic understanding of the X7 data output.

Beamformed data plots illustrates how signals from different paths combine to form stronger, directional signals.

Range-Doppler plots with different integration time at different beam angles show distance and velocity information and highlight the depth of information available for analysis and extraction.

Introducing UWB X7

The X7 is an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) impulse radar transceiver System on Chip (SoC) integrating two 7.875 GHz transmitters for unlicensed operation in worldwide markets, two direct RF-sampling receivers, advanced power management functions and on-chip signal processing in a single chip.

X7 System on Chip

Enables Ultra-Low Power Sensor solutions

X7 Radar Direct radar module

Performance optimized

The future of UWB sensing