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The Wall Street Journal: NOVELDA UWB CPD & Vital Signs Sensor at top 16 gadgets in 2024​

Oslo-based NOVELDA gains spotlight with its breakthrough sensor technology designed to combat tragic incidents of children being left in hot cars.

OSLO, Norway, January 12, 2024

The Wall Street Journal: “Every summer brings tragic stories of children dying after being forgotten in hot cars. Automakers have developed sensors and techniques to combat the problem”
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Oslo-based UWB  sensor company, NOVELDA, is gaining recognition in the Wall Street Journal for its cutting-edge NOVELDA UWB CPD & Vital Signs sensor. The innovative technology employs ultra-wideband radio frequency to detect even the slightest movement or breath in the back of vehicles. Capable of penetrating materials such as clothes and blankets, Novelda’s low-power sensor is positioned as a solution to tragic incidents of children being left in hot cars. The company is currently testing its device with major automakers, showcasing its potential to enhance child safety in vehicles.