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NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor

The most reliable occupancy sensor in the world

The future of light control
Save energy and
improve user experience

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor detects tiny human motions.
Wave goodbye to waving at the ceiling lights to keep them on.

Reliable detection

Saves energy

Improves user experience

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Reliable detection

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor provides reliable detection of human motion in the zone of interest.

Instant detection, no detection outside the zone and robust detection while inside.

Turns out lights quickly
when not needed

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor enables energy savings due to its unique quality of detecting human motion. It allows you to set the time-out for when the lights turn off as low as to two minutes.

Improved user experience

No more waving vigorously at the ceiling lights working late in the office. Now the lights stays on when you need them.

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Not visible in product

Configurable range

Simple to integrate

Complete sensor solution

Not visible in product

NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor allows freedom in industrial design since the sensor is integrated inside the product, it even works behind plastic or glass. There is no need for bulky lenses or holes that are visible on the product.

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Configurable range

The range can be set from 1.6 to 5 meters to fit the specific room lay-out and can cover a total area of 30 square meters.

Simple to integrate

The hardware is suitable for pick-and-place processes and can be mounted directly to the LED PCB.

A complete sensor solution

All signal processing is running on NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor itself and there is no external microcontroller unit (MCU) processing required after the sensor is enabled. The antenna-in-module and surface-mount technology (SMT) ensures simple and low-cost integration.
There is no need for external components.


Open offices

Stand-alone sensors

Meeting rooms



The best choice for reliable sensing

No other solution can match NOVELDA UWB Occupancy Sensor

The heart of our innovation is the X4 UWB radar system on chip

UWB – the next wireless revolution


Novelda UWB Sensors Occupancy

Detection capabilities

Hold time / timeout (Presence -> No presence)

Detection latency (No presence -> Presence)



Field of view


Power consumption

The future of UWB sensing