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NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor

The most reliable proximity sensor in the world

The device knows when you are approaching and is ready
when you are

NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor knows when you are in front of a device and allows for fast wake up and seamless interaction.

Extends product lifetime

Saves energy

Seamless interaction

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Reliable detection

NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor provides reliable detection of human motion in the zone of interest. You are always detected inside the defined zone, and never detected outside. 

Powers up a device when you need it

The sensor reacts rapidly to your presence, powers up a device, and turns it off when you leave.

NOVELDA UWB proximity Sensor extends product lifetime, saves energy and improves user experience.

High sensitivity

Configurable range

Wide field of view

High sensitivity

NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor will instantly and reliably wake up the device when you enter the detection zone and immediately turn off the device when you leave. The sensor is not triggered by walking outside the set zone.

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Configurable range

The range can be set between 0.5 and 1.5 meters for optimum user experience.

Wide field of view

The wide field of view of NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor ensures accurate detection independent of the angle of your approach.

Integrated in product

Small size

Complete sensor solution

Easy to integrate in any product

NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor has no impact on product design. It can be integrated behind most types of material, like plastic, glass and fabrics while the performance stays the same.

Small size

The solution measures only 12 by 12 millimeters and is only 2 millimeters thin.

A complete sensor solution

All signal processing is running on NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor itself and there is no external microcontroller unit (MCU) processing required after the sensor is enabled. The antenna-in-module and surface-mount technology (SMT) ensures simple and low-cost integration.

There is no need for external components.

End products

Many type of devices and products will benefit from implementing NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor

High-end EV chargers

Vending machines

Ticket validation

High-end appliances

Sports equipment


Energy automation

Printers & servers

The heart of our
innovation is
the X4 UWB radar
system on chip


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Detection capabilities

External host

Typical range


Field of view



Power consumption

Supply voltage

The best choice for reliable sensing

No other solution can match
NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor

NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor
mmWave Radars
CW Radars
Time of Flight
Detection Zone
– Wide field of view
– Range bounded
– Less affected by mechanical integration
– Field of view heavily affected by mechanical integration, especially enclosure materials.
– Easily affected by environmental factors (rain, etc)
– No Range information
– Cannot reliably separate inside and outside detection zone
– Limited field of view
– Easily blocked by physical objects
– Optical ToF affected by sunlight
Impact on product design
– Hidden in product
– Less affected by variations in product design.
–Small form factor
– Hidden in product.
– Small form factor.
– Product design may have to be tailored to the sensor.
– Radome (lens) may be needed.
– Hidden in product.
– 5.8GHz: – Mechanical size is large.
– 24GHz and up: – Same issues as for mmWave.
– Requires openings and/or lenses
Impact on integration
– Wide operating voltage
– Either I2C or SPI
– On-board signal processing
– No trade-off between sensitivity and range
– Depending on solution, typically limitations on serial interfaces and/or supply voltage
– Typically running signal processing on host MCU
– Complicated tuning may be needed to find the right trade-off between sensitivity and range.
– Typically limited supply voltage range

Please contact us to get a demo kit or to get further details about our solutions.

The future of UWB sensing