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A Challenger Appears: Why 2024 is the Year of Ultra-Wideband

Ultra-wideband (UWB) was once considered a niche but intriguing alternative to incumbent presence detection and tracking technologies, including radio-frequency identification…

UWB ranging

UWB ranging

The best-known use of UWB today is probably connected with smart phones. Those of you who own an iPhone 11…

Time of flight

UWB sensing

Ultra-Wideband sensing is basically a radar that transmits electromagnetic pulses and listens for reflected echoes in much the same way…

Power spectral density

(UWB) technology

The Ultra-Wideband or UWB story started two decades ago with FCC opening up for new technological wireless opportunities. In this…

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Time of flight illustration

The challenge of robust human presence detection

Discovering presence of a person regardless of light conditions, weather and type of clothing has been addressed in several ways…

Illustration, time of flight

Featuring NOVELDA
Radar Technology

The development of the NOVELDA UWB radar technology was a challenging endeavor requiring innovation based on deep understanding of radar…